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Our shop operates from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, with callout services available from 7 AM to 11 PM. For any inquiries or to schedule a service, please contact us at 281-485-4665.

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Our Team

Join us at Fleetworks of Texas, where professionalism meets family warmth, and experience the difference that genuine care, technical excellence, and a customer-first approach can make.

Michael Bergeron Sr. - Owner/Founder/CFO/CEO“Big Picture Specialist”

With 40+ years’ experience as a project leader in industrial related business ventures, Mike recognized a need for reliable onsite fleet services to serve his region. In 2017 he partnered with Fleet Services International to create FleetWorks of Texas. Though he stays involved as the main big picture presence at FleetWorks, he has built a strong enough staff to balance business and quality time with his wife, kids, and grandkids in their country home in South Louisiana where his roots are. If he’s not at the shop you are likely to find him driving his tractor, whipping up a Cajun dish for family, or sitting by the pond enjoying the sunset to 70’s classics with his wife.

Karen Bergeron - Owner’s Wife/Team Cheerleader Sales/Marketing/HR/Office Manager
Coming from a Real Estate background, initially Karen didn’t envision a significant role in a Commercial Fleet Operation, but in the process of supporting her husband’s venture she became engulfed and has loved every minute of it. She focuses on Sales, Marketing, HR and Office Management (and keeping the team fed).Karen is passionate about Family and Homelife and when not at the shop she’s likely in the kitchen wearing her “Nana apron” prepping for a family gathering or in her overalls repurposing a treasure from a local thrift store. She draws strength and joy from her Faith in The Lord and loves nothing more than doing life with Michael, whether it’s work or play.

Mary Moonshower - Operations Manager
Mary joined FleetWorks in 2020. We called her over from Atlanta, GA to provide 30 days of support because we were in a jam needing a Service Writer….and she never went home. She’s gifted at navigating all operations related details and is constantly putting out fires. She’s a natural leader for our staff and finds a way when there’s no way. She trains along with our technicians and encourages and challenges the team to stretch beyond their current potential. When she’s not working, she’s likely hanging out at home with her family and Henry, our shop dog.  She is an accomplished pianist and piddles around with the banjo. She likes sharing her talent at local nursing homes or volunteering at animal shelters…but when she really wants to relax, you can find her playing video games and munching on chips with her secret spicy salsa recipe.

Erin Bergeron - Lead Service Writer
Erin joined FleetWorks in the fall of 2022 as a second job to help us out in miscellaneous areas. In a matter of weeks, it was clear that she needed to ditch the other job and start training full-time to be a Service Writer. Her calm level-headed manner, organizational skills, and attention to detail have been a winning combination for this role. She is consistent and persistent and owns everything she touches, taking it to the finish line. On an even bigger note – she’s THE BEST mommy to the adorable spicy little red-headed Nova, who was born just months after Erin joined our team. She and Nova enjoy caring for her sweet doggie Ayla. Erin places importance on trustworthiness, teachablity and tacos.

Nicole Matelski - Sales Representative
Nicole joined FleetWorks in June 2023 to work in our Operations department. After seeing how engaging she was with customers we knew that she was destined to play a major role in growing our customer base.  She is helpful, flexible, and brings a warm and engaging spirit to our office environment and into the field. She is a natural born sales rep. She has many past times including gardening, traveling, birdwatching, and watching documentaries. She enjoys attending church, family game night, and learning about her Native American culture. Nicole is a lover of music and animals, especially her four dogs. Our team is grateful to have her.  

Dakota Daugherty - Lead Technician
Dakota joined our team in Dec 2020. He brought with him experience beyond his years. He loves a challenge and has been a real pioneer. The team refers to him as "the wizard.” He is strong in mobile work, but also oversees all our diagnostic work. He's a rare find in the industry and quietly leads with patience and experience. Though he loves learning about and teaching what makes an engine work, he’s even more passionate about building and redesigning engines to go FAST! Maybe one day we will pursue performance as a business, but for now it’s his beloved pastime.

Tyler Bergeron - Mobile Technician
Tyler grew up in the shop during his teen years helping out but didn’t become passionate about a career at FleetWorks until he went away to college and experienced a journey that led him back home. We could not be more thrilled to have him onboard as a Mobile Technician. The team calls him “Big T.” He is a quick study and extremely committed, meticulous with details. He excels in quality control and identifying issues by his thoroughness. His humble spirit and eagerness to learn make him a pleasure to work with.  He’s likely to stay after work and tinker with his personal truck, but not for long because he also enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially his girlfriend and his dog. He also loves 3 G’s….Guns, Gumbo, and God!

Rod Hernandez - In-shop Technician & Shop Co-Ordinator
Rod joined the team the summer of 2022. He came onboard as a mobile technician, but we recognized a need for his skills to be used exclusively in-shop. He flexed seamlessly into the role and has exceeded our expectations, bringing order and stability to the daily needs in-shop. Rod keeps the team laughing with his digital art skills, always showing up with some unexpected hilarious photo just when you least expect it When not working family time is a priority, but he also enjoys working on project cars when he’s not helping his wife with their precious baby girl. Rod enjoys spending time outdoors and is a fan of Pan Dulce.

Alan Morales - Mobile Technician
In the fall of 2022, we pursued Alan after meeting him when he stopped by to volunteer a helping hand to a friend on our team. He is a pure delight to have on the team. He excels in problem solving and consistently shows genuine desire, effort, and progress in growing his skill set. He always has a smile and calm spirit and works well with minimal direction and shows pride of ownership in the orderly way he keeps his tools and work area. Alan enjoys exercising/walking, watching sports, eating Chinese food and trying new things. The team likes to call him “Bubba.”

Henry - Shop Dog
Henry is loved and spoiled by our team, our customers and even our vendors who deliver. In his spare time, he loves to eat wood, and can break down pallets faster than our technicians. He has got more lives than a cat. The team likes to call him Weenie. One thing is for sure – he is loved.

Join us at Fleetworks of Texas

Where professionalism meets family warmth, and experience the difference that genuine care, technical excellence, and a customer-first approach can make. Let's embark on this journey together, fueled by diesel and driven by integrity.

our services

Our Diesel Mechanic Services We Offer

18-Wheeler Repair

Is your 18-wheeler acting up or in dire need of a check-up? You've come to the right place! At Fleetworks of Texas, located in Houston, TX, we specialize in professional repair, maintenance, and servicing for 18-wheelers, ensuring your vehicle remains in peak condition for the long haul.

Diesel mechanic performing 18 wheeler repair services in Houston, TX

Bus Repair

Our comprehensive repair and maintenance services are designed to meet the unique needs of buses, ensuring they remain reliable for passengers and profitable for operators. With a focus on quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, we are your go-to shop for all bus repair and maintenance needs.

Diesel mechanic performing bus repair services in Houston, TX

DOT Inspection

We specialize in federal-level DOT inspection services for diesel trucks and fleet vehicles at Fleetworks of Texas in Houston, TX. Our approach is rigorous to ensure every vehicle meets or exceeds federal regulations.

Diesel mechanic performing DOT inspection services in Houston, TX

Fleet Services

Fleetworks of Texas specializes in fleet vehicle repair and maintenance services in Houston, TX. We cater to businesses across Southeast Texas. Our mission is to keep your fleet running smoothly with minimum downtime.

Diesel mechanic performing fleet maintenance services in Houston, TX

Forklift Service & Repair

We offer comprehensive repair, maintenance, and servicing solutions designed to keep your forklifts in peak condition, ensuring they're ready to meet the demands of your business.

Diesel mechanic performing forklift repair services in Houston, TX

General Diesel Repair

Fleetworks of Texas offers diesel-powered truck and fleet vehicle repair and maintenance services in Houston, TX. We provide a range of services, including transmission and clutch repairs, brake repairs, and preventive maintenance to reduce downtime and extend service life.

Diesel mechanic performing general diesel repair services in Houston, TX

Heavy Equipment Repair

We specialize in maintaining heavy equipment for construction, agriculture, and various industries to keep them in top condition for any project.

Diesel mechanic performing heavy equipment repair services in Houston, TX

Mobile Truck Repair

Fleetworks of Texas provides specialized mobile repair services for diesel trucks and fleet vehicles. Our team operates from 7 AM to 11 PM CT within a 30-mile radius of Houston, TX, to minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

Diesel mechanic performing mobile truck repair services in Houston, TX

Preventive Maintenance

Diesel trucks, fleet vehicles, and heavy equipment are essential in the industrial and transport sectors. At Fleetworks of Texas, we offer preventive maintenance services to keep them in top condition, minimize downtime, and extend their lifespan.

Diesel mechanic performing preventive maintenance services in Houston, TX

RV Repair

Fleetworks of Texas, located in Houston, TX, offers comprehensive RV repair and maintenance services to keep your recreational vehicle in top-notch condition for your next adventure.

Diesel mechanic performing RV repair services in Houston, TX

Roadside Assistance

We offer dedicated roadside truck repair services in Houston, TX, and Southeast Texas. Our goal is to provide quick, efficient, and comprehensive solutions directly to your location, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your operations at Fleetworks of Texas.

Diesel mechanic performing roadside assistance services in Houston, TX

Skid Steer Service & Repair

At Fleetworks of Texas, we pride ourselves on being your go-to experts for all your skid steer repair, maintenance, and servicing needs. Our mission is to ensure your machinery is always in peak condition, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity.

Diesel mechanic performing skid steer repair services in Houston, TX

Tractor Service & Repair

At Fleetworks of Texas, we understand that tractors are the backbone of agricultural and many industrial operations across Texas. We provide comprehensive tractor repair, maintenance, and servicing, ensuring your machinery remains in prime condition to tackle any task.

Diesel mechanic performing tractor repair services in Houston, TX

Trailer Repair

Welcome to Fleetworks of Texas, your professional partner in ensuring your trailer remains in peak condition for all your hauling needs. Located in Houston, TX, we specialize in providing comprehensive repair and maintenance services for trailers of all types.

Diesel mechanic performing trailer repair services in Houston, TX

Truck Repair

Is your truck showing signs of wear and tear, or is it time for a routine check-up? Fleetworks of Texas in Houston, TX, is your go-to solution for all truck repair and maintenance needs.

Diesel mechanic performing truck repair services in Houston, TX

Customer Testimonials

Alex Hernandez

5 stars

Had a great experience at FleetWorks , very friendly and experienced staff in office and shop. Mr Morales fixed my ramp on my lift gate for my box truck! Definitely recommend.

Tony Hicks

5 stars

This company is awesome!  I went to several well known businesses to see the cost of fixing my waterpump and thermostat and Fleetworks was by far the best!  They fixed it for way less the cost of the bigwigs.  I'll just say I saved over half of their cost!

Alexis Galman

5 stars

FleetWorks is awesome and I 1000/10 recommend. Very friendly, honest, professional and reliable. Any problem or concerns I have I can always count on them to help.